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How do you prepare Camille Marie tea?

Camille Marie Tea Steeping Chart

Is Camille Marie tea herbal?

At this time, Camille Marie does not offer herbal tea blends. However, all teas are 100% natural, organic and gluten free. 

What is the shelf life of Camille Marie tea blends?

It is best to enjoy Camille Marie tea within nine months of purchasing to experience the most robust flavors.

How do you select your custom tea blend flavors?

Camille Marie tea samples all ingredients in each tea blend to ensure proper pairing. Each flavor must meet a standard of being bold, unique and satisfying. 

Do you offer refunds?

All Camille Marie purchases are non-refundable. 

Can I order the custom flavors wholesale? 

Camille Marie offers wholesale. For inquiries contact us at

Can I buy Camille Marie tea in stores?

At this time, Camille Marie is only offered online. 

Can you prepare Camille Marie flavors for iced tea?

Camille Marie flavors can be prepared and enjoyed as iced tea.

How many servings or cups can you serve from one package?

Each Camille Marie loose-leaf package yields approximately 8-10 servings. This is based on a standard 6oz cup.

How do I receive Camille Marie Tea brand and product news?

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