Bringing All the Flavor


Camille Marie takes a personal approach to tea. The custom blends are bold, unique flavors, offering a selection that can be enjoyed by the everyday and/or occasional tea drinker. Each flavor is curated, with love, by Camille Marie to ensure a delightful and consistent tea experience.

Best friends make good business partners – that’s one way to describe the relationship between Ashli Camille and Shelby Marie. They met in college at Oakland University in Rochester, MI, and immediately found a common love for several things, including tea.

Fast forward 20 years, Ashli and Shelby had an idea to use their passion for custom tea as inspiration to launch a business – Camille Marie. The two worked to design custom loose-leaf teas to steep, sip, and savor. Each Camille Marie tea flavor is a proprietary blend crafted to include complementary ingredients that have a unique taste and pleasing aroma.

As entrepreneurs, Ashli and Shelby have built their company to have purpose. It’s about more than the bottom line. It’s about treating customers with care and providing a positive experience that exceeds expectations and pleases palettes.

When we say we’re “bringing all the flavor”, we mean it figuratively and literally.

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